Very Important Notice.

Before you send out any invitations or book venues for a reception, you must first contact the vicar to enquire that the date you are requesting for your baby/child's christening is available. 

                            Christenings during the Spring, Summer & Autumn of 2021


St. Matthew’s church will be open for Christenings from Saturday 10th April 2021, unless Government rules change.


Christening services will now be held on Saturday’s beginning at 11.30am because of Covid19 restrictions.  If there are two requests for the same day, a second Christening may begin at 12.30pm.


A maximum of 30 people may be present at a Christening service and face coverings must be worn unless a person is excused on medical grounds.


To arrange a “Christening” or a service of “Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child” please email the vicar at or ring 0191 5843244. Not all Saturdays will be available because of other commitments.


Below are some points which may help with planning a Baptism or Christening:

  • Parents or carers please contact the vicar as soon as possible as dates are often booked months in advance.

  • All Godparents must be Christened.

  • Traditionally there are three Godparents; two men and a woman for a boy, and two women and a man for a girl. Many parents choose more than three people to be Godparents, which is not a problem.

  • All Godparents should be at least 16 years old and willing to take an active part in shaping for their godchild’s development.

  • Godparents do not have to be present for the Christening but obviously it is better if they are.

  • An older child or adult does not need to have Godparents.


More information may be found at