Funerals at St. Matthew's

Funerals The vicar is usually contacted by an undertaker when a family member or a friend dies. After meeting with the bereaved, the vicar arranges and conducts the funeral service, either in church, at a crematorium or at the graveside, according to the next of kin’s wishes. The service is a way of celebrating a special person’s life, giving thanks for them and expressing sadness at their passing. More information may be found at


Should anyone wish to discuss funeral arrangements directly with the vicar please do so at  or 0191 5843244.


The fee for conducting a funeral depends on where the service takes place.

Burial of cremated remains, in St. Matthew’s churchyard, in the “Gardens of Remembrance”, around the church building. In these gardens the next of kin may have the cremated remains of those precious to them interred, regardless of where the funeral service was conducted or by whom. Inside the church there is a “Book of Remembrance” in which the names of those whose ashes are buried in the church gardens are entered and their details are also entered in the church records book for the information of future generations.


Many people regularly return to where remains are interred to lay flowers on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Remembrance Sunday. Near the gardens, there are seats, which give people the opportunity to sit for a moment’s quiet reflection


The fee for the burial of cremated remains in Newbottle churchyard in 2022  is £172.


Please contact the vicar or 019 5843244.