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Newbottle Primary Academy Links

Our church has established a good relationship with the local Primary Academy at Newbottle, where we can accommodate the whole school for special services at Easter, Harvest and Christmas, and the children get involved.  Here are some of these:

Easter 2017

This service featured a dvd entitled "Jesus is Supercool, R U?". All of the children had decorated a pennant for Easter, which was assembled as bunting, making the church look wonderful.

Easter 2016

This service saw a "Flowers of Hope" display from all of the children who had each drawn around their hands, decorated them and had written on their hopes. These were put together as one huge flower head for each year group, from Reception to Year 6, and looked amazing.

Easter 2015

This service saw a few children re-enact the last supper at the front of the church, by getting their hands and feet washed.  They also helped to create the "Cross of Crosses" display from all of the children who had each drawn and coloured in little crosses, showing what was important to them. These were all put together to make two huge crosses which looked great on the walls, and we will put them up every year!

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