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Sunday 9.45am: Parish Eucharist. 

Crafty Church go into church “Lady Chapel” around 10.00am.

Wednesday 9.30am: Holy communion.

At St. Matthew's we welcome everyone who wishes to join us to worship God.

We have a Crafty Church (Sunday School) for children from babies upwards which meets during our weekly 9.45am Sunday morning service.


Organising a Christening at
St. Matthew's is very simple
and straightforward.


Please click below for details of how to organise a Christening with us.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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St. Matthew’s is a beautiful building in a wonderful churchyard setting. We are always glad to hear from couples who are planning one of the most important days at the start their lives together, their wedding.

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When a person comes to the end of their life and passes away there is a great deal of heartache, soul searching and a deep sense of loss. During funeral services at St. Matthew’s we prayerfully raise up the departed before God and celebrate their lives as we release them into His eternal presence.

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Prayer Chapel

Many people find it very difficult to put their emotions and feelings into words, especially during periods of grief. In our serene prayer chapel there is the opportunity to light a prayer candle as a way of expressing hopes and desires for those special to us and for ourselves.

Access to the prayer chapel is available during weekly service times and on Tuesday morning between

10.00am & 11.00am, and Wednesday morning between 10.15am & 11.15am, when the church is open to visitors.

Garden of Remembrance

The cremated remains of loved ones may be interred in
St. Matthew’s churchyard, in the “Gardens of Remembrance”, which are around the church building, regardless of where the funeral service was conducted or by whom. Inside the church there is a “Book of Remembrance” in which the names of those whose ashes are buried in the church gardens are entered and their details are also entered in the church records book for the information of future generations.

Many people regularly return to where remains are interred to lay flowers on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Remembrance Sunday... Near the gardens, there are seats, which give people the opportunity to sit for a moment’s quiet reflection. Please contact the vicar or 0191 5843244

Flowers at St. Matthew's

Many people choose to have flowers placed in church on special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or to mark special memorials or at Christmas etc. Should you wish to have flowers placed in church then please contact Marjorie Lydiatt at:

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Church Records

Many people from all over the world contact the church to trace their family history. Generally speaking church records more than 10 years old are deposited in the Durham County Records office by order of a previous bishop of Durham, to ensure valuable registers are cared for in a controlled environment for the benefit of future generations.

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